Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi is the CEO of Kuwaiti European Holding Company (KEH). He is also an expert consultant on Islamic financial instruments and a trader. He holds a doctorate in business management from the London School of Economics (LSE). Abdulla Al Humaidi is a member of the boards of directors of several organizations. Dr. Abdulla has also traveled extensively throughout the Middle East and is fluent in English, Arabic, Persian, and Spanish. In terms of his being an expert in financial matters, Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi has many credentials. 


He is a graduate of the London School of Economics and he holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Dubai. He is a former ambassador to UNESCO in Paris, the first Qom Ambassador to Iraq, and the first head of communications for the Dubai Gold Market (Goodmenproject). 


As the CEO of a major global company, Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi is probably best known for his high level of visibility and public speaking skills which make him sought after in the corporate world. He is famous for delivering highly polished and professional speeches that often go viral on YouTube. Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi became the CEO of KEH following the retirement of his two other predecessors, Dr. Zebek Khouznia and Prem Sikker. During his seven years as the CEO of KEH, he accomplished several important achievements including leading the company through the turbulent times that it had undergone during the second half of the decade.

At Kuwaiti European Holding he has accomplished this by negotiating with both creditors and debtors to settle outstanding accounts and restructure the company’s debt structure to improve its financial performance and attract more global clients and investors. During this time, Abdulla Al Humaidi explains, the company not only experienced growth in revenues but also cut expenses by reducing costs associated with property management, office refurbishment, and leasing, as well as personnel changes. After the company successfully underwent restructuring, Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi was elected as the company’s new CEO and has thus held the post since.