When Joseph Ashford Ellis founded K4 Global back in 2014, he brought with him many traits and qualities that he says were quintessential to the company’s success. What did Ellis bring with him that has helped the company become a trusted name in Bournemouth?

Grit and Determination

When operating a business, things can and do go wrong. These issues can test the patience and cause some people to want to give up. Ashford knew full well these trying times were part of owning a business and prepared himself for them by ensuring his determination was bigger than any threat that came his way.


Without a kind heart, it is difficult to get far in this thing called life. People want to work with genuine people with big hearts whom they trust, especially during investments and other financial concerns. joseph Ashford Ellis has gone above and beyond to show his gratitude and kindness for every person who has been part of his life, both personally and professionally.


Joseph Ashford Ellis was confident in K4 Global and his visions but also knew that other leaders and more experienced investors could very well provide him with details that he could use to succeed. He definitely used these skills to his advantage when he started his Bournemouth venture.

Some traits make a difference to business owners. It is the traits above that have allowed Ellis to continue serving the community for more than eight wonderful years already.

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