Greg Blatt has undergone numerous challenges in building his career as an executive. His education career has changed in various turns, from working as a bartender to the entertainment law. Blatt is currently serving as the managing director of the largest dating site in the United States and the world in general. He managed to rise through ranks by being consistent, hardworking, and learning from other people’s skills.

Greg Blatt was born in an average family located in Boston, where he was raised. Most of Blatt’s skills he learned from his father, who always had an opinion on everything under the sun. However, Blatt did not plan to become an executive and live the executive life that he is currently living. He got an undergraduate degree in literature from Colgate University. Several years after his graduation, he traveled and spent time around the world.

He abandoned his undergraduate degree and focused on doing odd jobs to sustain himself financially. Blatt did this for several years until he decided to apply to the law school in Columbia. He got a degree and joined the corporate law working in the New York. He later changed his mind set and secured a position at the entertainment law where he aimed to begin a career in screenwriting. See this article to learn more.

At this point, he got several connections with one of his long-time clients and left the entertainment law to serve as a general counsel in Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia; a company owned by Martha Stewart. Greg Blatt worked with Stewart for five years and later went to IAC, where a friend referred him. He joined the company and continued to serve as a general counsel. Several years down the line, he was promoted to being the president of the company.

Greg Blatt is a popular business executive who has worked in several companies in different parts of the United States.


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