Visual content and video entertainment is the most prolific form of digital recreation for consumers today, leading to many companies working toward integrating their brands into video content in as many ways as they can manage. With that, consumers have become increasingly aware of the agitating and disruptive effect this can have on their entertainment. Unskippable YouTube ads or five-minute long commercial sessions on live TV have been faced with a lot of distaste from younger generations, giving way to industries needing to evolve the way they advertise. But what other ways are there?

With an innovative and forward thinking method, droppTV has introduced a way of shopping while being entertained that seamlessly allows customers to buy without the need for troublesome interruptions. The company calls it ‘shopatainment,’ and indeed, it is exactly what it sounds like: the unification of streaming entertainment, commerce and content. Brands would be hard-pressed to not recognize what a powerful tool this technology can be for the future of advertising.

Within this system, shopatainment can give content creators easier ways of monetizing, while decreasing the friction within marketplace purchases for the consumer. Getting the jacket that your favorite artist or celebrity is wearing in their video is as easy as a tap or click, mitigating the need for pausing, researching, or coming out empty handed. The extent that shopatainment can be utilized is well beyond the realm of music videos, as droppTV takes steps to integrate native e-commerce with fashion trade shows. Influencers and entertainers alike, as well as brands they wear, can benefit from this consumer-centric method of online marketing.

E-commerce is always expanding and evolving, as is the consumer base as the target audience. Many generations, such as Gen Z and Millennials, are tired of being ‘sold to’ day in and day out, turning away from being manipulated into a sale. Technology and the pandemic has changed retail forever, making it increasingly obvious to brands that they need to trudge on with the times. droppTV has utilized artificial intelligence and machine learning to parse through relevant data, making leading sales tactics obsolete and allowing consumers to give into their impulses.

Shopatainment has a bright future ahead of it, revolutionizing the way online retail works for consumers and content creators alike. The friction and disruption of classic advertisements are on the way to becoming outdated in the face of evolving technology produced by companies like droppTV.