James Geiser, who heads the marketing department at SeaWorld, has experienced many challenges in his job in the recent past. Advertising jobs have faced problems during the coronavirus period, which have made companies find other ways of doing business. Mr. Geiser is no exception. He owns SeaWorld amusement park, which he joined a few months ago.

The firm had experienced many difficulties due to the pandemic, one of them being huge losses. At that time, Geiser was working at Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, which faced similar issues. Bloomberg interviewed Geiser about how business has been in the last year and what the firm plans to do to bring visitors back with the current COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Mr. Geiser, when coronavirus struck, SeaWorld was booming with business. That, however, had to change within a short time because people had to change the way they did most things. Businesses that rely on crowds for survival suffered significantly. The Government announced the measures to help reduce the spread of the virus; one of them is wearing masks. People have had to continue with life observing the regulations set by the Government.

SeaWorld had to continue with business taking into consideration the set guidelines. All activities at the entertainment park happen with people wearing their masks. People have had to adjust and cope with the new life as they continue having fun.

SeaWorld had reduced the number of individuals in the park at a particular time. Individuals could only visit a part of the park, which remained open during the pandemic. The park would allow not more than three sessions every day, each with 1,000 individuals.

The company is trying to lure people to visit the park citing that it is not wrong to have fun again. SeaWorld shares, which had previously lowered by 60%, rose with the same percentage in 2021. Mr. Geiser believes that although it might not be easy for people to go back to their normal lives. However, he hopes for better things in the future.

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