Ross LevinsohnOver the past 20 years, Ross Levinsohn has made a name for himself as one of the digital media industry’s most creative executives. Many people, of course, are familiar with the story of Ross being named as the interim CEO of Yahoo in 2010 after Scott Thompson was ousted for falsifying resume records. However, few analysts outside of the digital media space are aware of the impressive track record that Ross amassed before his time at Yahoo.

Levinsohn started his career at a production director at HBO in 1990 and then rapidly moved on to be named Vice President of Programming at CBS Sportsline. His stint at CBS spanned three years before he was hired by Alta Vista at the height of the first internet boom in March of 1999. While at Alta Vista, Ross was instrumental in the launch of the company’s search portal. After the majority of Alta Vista was sold to CMGI, Ross sought out his next challenge as the President of Fox Interactive Media. In this role, Ross used the tech experience he had gained during his time at Alta Vista to lead all of Fox Interactive Media’s internet operations.

While taking on the responsibilities of managing,, and, Levinsohn still managed to spearhead the acquisition of MySpace in 2005. Even though MySpace would unfortunately go on to be supplanted as a market leader by Facebook after the acquisition, Ross Levinsohn had impressed the partners at California VC firm Fuse Capital enough to be hired as a managing director in 2008.

From January of 2008 to when he left Fuse Capital for Yahoo in October of 2010, Ross’s role consisted of allocating investment capital for Best Buy, the firm’s only limited partner, by pursuing opportunities in communications, gaming, mobile applications, and digital media. Along with three key Best Buy executives, Ross was trusted to manage the fund’s highest investment committee.

After Ross was officially replaced by Marissa Meyer at Yahoo in 2012, he moved on to an executive role at Guggenheim Digital Media and subsequent advisory roles at Scout, Stocktwits, Timeline Labs, and Pluto TV. On August 25th of 2020, he was officially hired as the CEO of Maven by founder James Heckman and the board of directors. Industry experts and financial analysts alike look forward to seeing where Ross will take Maven in the next several years and beyond.