Two years after Altheria Jackson was appointed to the position of Assistant Vice President of Operations, Roosevelt Island Operating corporation has undergone profound changes. Altheria Jackson brought new insights into the approach to the budget cuts and handling the struggling economy of Roosevelt Island. When Jackson was appointed, her management style was geared towards improving inefficiencies within the corporation.

From the first day that Altheria Jackson took her new position, it was clear that there would be a considerable change in her island home.

Since then, the company has been validated as one of New York City’s environmentally friendly businesses for its clean industrial environment and sustainable waste management practices. The company has transformed some empty, unused land into a thriving community on Roosevelt Island.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation was purposely initiated to maintain, develop and operate the public housing on Roosevelt Island in 1984.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation has received several honors for transforming the overall Roosevelt Island. RIOC CEO Shelton J. Haynes believes that his step to bring change has yielded positive results that the public can appreciate. Some significant changes have been made in the professional services department and the department that oversees the real estate on the Island.

The company comprises enthusiastic young men and women with different ideas about bringing changes to the Island. Their outstanding proficiency in accounting and commercial management has helped the company reach new heights. Their untiring efforts over the years have been highly beneficial to the changes on the Island.

The redevelopment of Roosevelt Island has been challenging for RIOC, as it involves many reliable changes in various departments, but they managed to get better at all challenges.

In 2021, RIOC offered its library as a COVID-19 testing site. Besides that, the company donates grants to unemployed Island citizens to keep the community active and productive. These are some of the many ways the company has given back to its community. Their concern for community development is highly evident in their active participation in various events and activities held annually on Roosevelt Island. As a result, RIOC has contributed to social and economic growth on the Island.