Most people hope to experience a stress-free retirement transition. By the time one is retiring, most, if not all of their family members have moved to start their families. As a result, living in a big house may not make sense at this point. The reason for this is that one may have to maintain the house constantly, which may be costly and tiresome. Therefore, most people retiring consider downsizing to smaller homes.

However, the impact of the pandemic affected most people’s businesses as some were forced to shut down or let go of their employees. Those affected most were the elderly approaching retirement but not yet ready to retire. Most of them were forced into early retirement as getting jobs as businesses started to pick up was a challenge due to the increased competition. Sudden loss of employment implied that they could not maintain their homes and had to look for alternative living conditions.

RoyaleLife of Robert Bull cushioned such people in the UK. Even before the pandemic, Robert Bull had started RoyaleLife to cater to the real estate needs of the elderly. Bull noticed a disparity in bungalow housing as most real estate investors were now focusing on apartments. Over the years, Robert Bull has focused on building modern and fully-furnished bungalows located in some of the best places within the UK. Besides, the houses are highly sorted after considering their amenities, including members-only gyms and swimming pools.

Robert Bull’s Home Part Exchange program initiative has been enticing, especially to those faced with such situations. Early retires no longer have to worry about the long waits associated with a home sale. RoyaleLife takes one’s home as-is and offers 100 percent market value of the home. If the home’s value is more than those of the bungalows, the company only deducts what it needs and gives the homeowner the balance to manage to know more click here.