Richard Liu is a figure to behold in the technology, e-commerce, and business world. Growing up, the individual had a taste for running his own business. He attended Renmin University to learn the ins and outs of Sociology. During his university tenure, he learned the ropes of computer programming, a venture that turned out to be lucrative. Liu Qiangdong was born and bred in a poor background. He grew up under the care of his grandmother, who turned out to be significant in his life. From an early, he demonstrated his mind for innovation and success.

Of course, Richard Liu grew up feeding his curiosity. His excellence in school delved deeper into his professional career. In 1998, the businessman followed his entrepreneurial drive to launch a tiny brick-and-mortar store.

The entrepreneurial endeavor is geared towards distributing magneto-optical products. Indeed, the entrepreneur’s commitment and drive saw the business model swiftly rise to carve a name in a few years. The small brick-and-mortar store expanded its footprints into a full-size retail store with branches across Shenyang, Beijing, and Shanghai in about five years. In 2003, Richard Liu saw a viable opportunity to nurture his business in the e-commerce world. The appealing nature of E-commerce saw the businessman launch an online version of his company in 2004.

Furthermore, Richard Liu leveraged his steadfast commitment to growing the business into the behemoth it is today. He worked pretty hard to scale his business thoughtfully. Richard Liu’s innovation mindset saw him play a crucial role in designing a national logistic system for JD-com in 2007. The technology innovation poised lucrative in transforming the e-commerce and retail sector for the company’s billion users. Additionally, JD made significant strides to develop about 3210 pickup and delivery stations across thousands of Chinese counties. JD prides itself in sourcing high-end goods directly from manufacturers and reselling to shoppers.

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