Randy DouthitRandy Douthit is a famous TV director. He made his start in the industry when he directed “What Is This Generation?” in 1979. Since then, he’s had director’s credits on six different shows.

His most famous directing role was for “Judge Judy.” Between 1996 and 2019, Randy Douthit managed to direct over 4,000 episodes of the popular series. Today, Randy Douthit still works with Judge Judy on “Judy Justice,” a TV series that first started airing in 2021.

Along with being an esteemed director, Douthit has also worked as a TV producer. His start as a producer came in 1984 when he worked on “Washington Dialogue.” From the 1980s to 2021, he’s managed to produce other series like “Crossfire” and “Larry King Live.” His most famous producing role was for “Hot Bench,” working on over 1,000 episodes from 2014 to 2021.

Randy DouthitOver the years, his work has gotten him recognized by various organizations. He’s managed to be nominated over 15 different times in the Daytime Emmy Awards for his role on “Judge Judy.” CableACEAwards has nominated him for various shows he did during the 1980s, giving him a win for “Larry King Live” in 1988.

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