Wes Edens is co-owner of the Bucks, one of the most successful franchises in the history of the NBA. His family owns a team in MLB and a company that manages several other sports teams worldwide, including FC Barcelona. Edens is the managing member of a company that holds a total of $5 billion in assets centered around the basketball business.

Throughout his career, Wes Edens has been involved with various ventures, including a hedge fund. Edens has also been a businessman in both the NBA and NFL. He is 39 years old but has been involved in business for long enough to recognize the potential for involvement in sports.

Edens is a partner at Fortress Investment Group LLC. He started his company with a $300,000 investment back in 2006. enough to know what it takes to be successful. He has invested only in companies he feels fit his investment philosophies and help the community grow and develop.

In June 2014, Wes Edens partnered with the Bucks group to revive the franchise. Edens is one of the five principals who operate alongside Herb Kohl and Marc Lasry. Kohl purchased the team for $350 million in 1985 and has spent millions on renovations. The family’s stake in the Bucks is worth over $400 million. When his family purchased the team in 2014, Edens was tasked with running it as co-owner of the team with Marc Lasry and Jamie Dinan.

Wes Edens has shown that everything is manageable for him. His sports ownership is just one of his many businesses, which includes the Fortress Investment Group LLC. Wes Edens has a keen eye for business and has the skills to back it up. He works hard to make a difference and gives back to the community to know more click here.