Pam Baer, a businesswoman, based in San Francisco, a thriving community leader in the philanthropy realm, and wife to Larry Baer (The CEO of San Francisco Giants), has dedicated her life and time to advocating for the vulnerable populations while concentrating on healthcare.

Pamela Baer serves in different foundations and organizations like Giants Community Fund, Family House, Every Mother Counts, Advisory Board of Nest, Contemporary Jewish Museum, and the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, where she serves as a lifetime director. Her dedication to healthcare and education motivated her to found For Goodness Sake in 2014.

Pam grew up in Texas and later enrolled in the University of Texas in Austin, where she completed her degree in marketing and finance. After her studies, she relocated to New York. Pam Baer created a successful career path in finance and marketing, and she believes in operating a business while holding the ideology of giving back to the community dear.

Pamela Baer married Larry Baer, and they relocated to San Francisco in their early marriage stages. The couple is blessed with four children, and they have raised them in San Francisco. Over the years, Pam has showcased her skills and talent in fundraising initiatives.

Pam Baer’s young son got involved in an accident. After the San Francisco General Hospital managed to restore his health, Pam realized her mission of availing healthcare for the vulnerable population. Pamela Baer has ever since worked with the hospital’s foundation to ensure that the vulnerable members of the community get lifesaving care. She has managed to fundraise over $250 million. There is, therefore, no doubt that Pamela Baer gives from the heart. See this profile on LinkedIn, for additional information.

Pamela believes she was born to appreciate nature and her surroundings. Therefore, she is determined to inspire those around her to appreciate nature by getting out of their houses more for hikes, runs, or daily walks.


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