LifeWave is an emerging company with a lineup of health and wellness products not typically seen in your local pharmacy.

LifeWave products are some of the first to employ new health and wellness technology, patented phototherapy, to encourage your body to repair itself using its own stem cells.

However, as with any new company, it can be difficult to know which product to choose.

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If you are considering products offered by Lifewave, reviews are essential in making your choices.

The company provides three ordering options: as a distributor, as a preferred customer with a 20% discount, or as retail.

Most of the products come in the form of topical patented phototherapy patches applied directly to an affected area.

All of the products boast quick pain relief, better sleep with more energy, and support for wound healing.

LifeWave’s website explains that the phototherapy mechanism elevates the peptide GHK-Cu, which is said to stimulate stem cell activity, which reduces in age rapidly around age 60 and beyond.

The patented x39 patch reiterates rapid pain relief and better sleep, along with reducing wrinkles, faster recovery time from exercise, and reduction in the appearance of scars.

The Energy Enhancer LifeWave patented phototherapy patches are suited towards those with a physical fitness routine.

They are said to stimulate beta-oxidation, which produces more energy through carbohydrate burning, which then turns into fuel for the body.

Users of this product report better stamina and aerobic capacity.

The Y-Age Carnosine LifeWave Patented phototherapy patches stimulate the naturally occurring antioxidant carnosine, which serves to prevent the decline in muscle tone and bone health after age 30, as well as promote a better tone of the cardia muscles.

The Y-Age Aeon LifeWave Patented phototherapy patches claim to balance the nervous system to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

LifeWave is revisiting centuries-old techniques in a new, patented form to deliver specific types of healing and repair to the body.

A quick Internet search for “Lifewave reviews” will turn up many testimonies of satisfied customers who agree that the products do indeed work.