Since its founding in 2004, LifeWave has been on a mission to help people live joyful lives.

The Founder and CEO of LifeWave, David Schmidt, uses his formal education in Management Information systems and Biology, to create the innovative technologies of the company.

The products designed at LifeWave tap in the natural energy of the body to make you feel better and younger.

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Positive testimonials that the company has been receiving have fueled its growth since its creation.

The products are available in more than 75 countries across the world.

A primary technology that is developed and used by the company is phototherapy patches.

It is used in many forms. The patches reflect some wavelengths to the skin of the wearer, eliciting wellness effects.

How the Patches Work

Healthcare practitioners, athletes, and all kinds of people use LifeWave patches.

The non-transdermal patch technology has proven to be effective in pain relief, stress reduction, detoxification, anti-aging, and improvement of sleep quality among other benefits.

The patches have homeopathic materials that reflect low levels of light when stimulated by the heat of the body.

It is placed on the body like a band-aid and stimulates nerves on the skin to produce health benefits.

How the Patches Improve Health

It is natural to think that our health will only improve when we put something into our bodies.

However, some frequencies of light can change the human body. For instance, our body makes Vitamin D when we go out to the sun.

LifeWave uses this knowledge to create patches that relieve pain, reduce stress, improve quality of sleep and stimulate anti-aging effects.

LifeWave Products

The products of LifeWave include:

LifeWave X39

The patch elevates the copper peptide which activates stem cells.

Its benefits include rapid pain relief, reduced inflammation, mental clarity, and enhanced sports performance.

Other products are Energy enhancer patches, Y-Age Carnosine Patches, Y-Age Glutathione Patches, Y-Age Aeon Patches, IceWave Patches, Y-Age System Kit, SP6 Complete Patches, Silent Nights Patches.

You can look up LifeWave reviews to see the positive testimonials from people who have tasted and loved these products.

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