The President and Owner of Texas-based Lewis Investments and real estate investment and Development Company, Kip Lewis, has extensively shared great lessons that business leaders can learn from the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

The famous investor is a holder of a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Texas State University.

He started Kip Lewis Investments at only twenty-seven with $2,000

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Currently, Lewis has a portfolio of MH/RV properties, retail, industrial, residential, office, and raw land under the management and development of Lewis Investments.

His deep passion for re-establishing the historic Round Rock area has made his purchase and re-model 45,000 square feet of the historic Round Rock buildings.

Kip Lewis Investments has realized steady growth to thirty employees and consistently gives back to the local community.

According to Lewis, flexibility is the key, and he emphasizes that businesses that have remained agile and quickly pivot in response to swift changes have survived.

He advises other business leaders on the importance of staying open to innovation and creative solutions.

Lewis also insists on the willingness to discover new opportunities, shift priorities, and adapt to new processes as they unfold.

He adds that in an ever-evolving world, business leaders need to stay nimble and recognize that even the best-laid plans at times go awry.

The awesomely outspoken founder of Round Rock also advises on investing in digital marketing and general technology.

Lewis divulges that people have become progressively reliant on the internet in 2021, globally, and that business leaders must be prepared to meet the consumers where they are.

He insists on immediate investing in digital marketing as connecting with the audience and gaining their trust now would remain steadfast even after the pandemic.

Lewis also points out that every leader needs to know how to use the industry’s technology before investing in it.

Many companies, for instance, had to adjust quickly to online meetings, online project management, and other applications that they had not previously used.

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