Many people in the absolute world dream about owning a piece of property in the Metaverse.

On the other hand, Justin Halladay is dreaming of his piece of property, his very own space station!

He and his team at Omni Labs are building a habitat with condos, stores, and shops inside.

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They’re even building it in Minecraft.

Justin’s not your typical entrepreneur: he’s more interested in giving back to the community than making money.

He hopes to create an educational and inspirational hub for people dreaming of space exploration.

Justin Halladay is a philanthropist to the core.

He has worked across the nation in both small startups and large firms.

Halladay embraces the opportunity to inspire and encourage others to follow their dreams.

The key to his success has been a relentless curiosity and a willingness to take risks.

  1. What Is Real Estate in the Metaverse?

In the real world, real estate is all about location.

In the Metaverse, the place is a lot more critical too.

The cost of land and property in the Metaverse depends on how many others use it.

When you buy your own space station’s worth of land and build out your avatar there, you can rent out your spaces to other users who are interested in using them for their avatars.

As it is still in its early stages and has only been out in the open for a few years now, no one knows how things will turn out in the Metaverse.

But as long as people and businesses are willing to try out new things and take risks with their creations, then there will always be changes happening.

  1. Justin Halladay’s Dreams for the Metaverse

Justin Halladay has been in the business world for over ten years now.

He is always looking for new opportunities to grow himself and his company.

In August of 2014, he began to see that an opportunity was presenting itself: The Metaverse.

He is heavily invested in this new technology and taking full advantage of it.

His Metaverse avatar is Jupiter Gallo, and he runs an indie game development company, Omni Labs LLC.

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