Josh Garza is an accomplished musician and multi-instrumentalist who rose to fame as a member of the band Bonham.

After his time in Bonham, Garza ventured out independently and became a notable solo artist.

Garza developed his love for music and playing the guitar while growing up in Northern California.

His other instruments of choice include the bass, drums, and keyboard.

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In 2003, Garza joined Bonham and was part of the band’s acclaimed albums “The Disregard of Timekeeping” and “When Push Comes to Shove.”

After leaving Bonham in 2012, Garza began to focus on his solo career and released his debut album, “The Book of Opinions,” two years later.

Josh Garza has since released two more studio albums, “In the Colour of Red” and “The Weight of Sound.” He has toured extensively throughout the US, and his most recent tour took place in 2018.

He has collaborated with numerous artists, including Zakk Wylde and Joe Satriani.

Garza is an active presence in the music community and an advocate for independent artists. He has appeared at many events, including SXSW and the NAMM Show. He has also founded his record label, Hippology Music, to help promote new music by independent artists.

Josh Garza is an incredibly talented musician, and his success as a solo artist is a testament to his skill and dedication. With his constant advocacy for independent artists, Josh Garza remains essential in the music community.

This album is a masterpiece that contains Josh’s best work to date.

His first solo album, “The Book of Opinions,” is a record with great diversity, showcasing Josh Garza in all his skills.

The opening track, “A Slight Disagreement,” tells the story of a mother who wishes for her son to have a better life than she had.

“Not My Type” is a fast and upbeat track full of energy and an excellent showcase for Josh’s guitar skills.