Business owner John Ritenour’s personal and entrepreneurial life is full of individuality and inspiration. The entrepreneur has impacted his team at the Insurance Office of America (IOA) with his outstanding leadership skills. Through direct and indirect mentor ship programs, he has greatly impacted people positively in the organization and outside. That’s a resolution to influence people around him indiscriminately has born great leaders and teamwork. His list of beneficiaries from his inspirations includes professionals, business people, and his staff at IOA. He has met people from all walks of life who find him a rare gem because of his practical business and leadership experience.

John Ritenour, a co-founder of IOA, dedicated his early career to growing his business to become what it is today. His is a story of success from a humble beginning. Ritenour was born and brought up in Pittsburgh, USA. His family relied on hard work to meet their daily needs. He had to learn by experience from his mother at an early age. John Ritenour was determined to overthrow the perception that he could not make it in life because of his humble beginning.

Folks in his village and surrounding believed that no one could make it in life from Pittsburg. Contrary, his legacy lives. His insurance career began in his youth days when he worked for several insurance agencies. John was a fast learner and aggressive. He quit and co-founded his own insurance company, Insurance Office of America (IOA), an independent and one of the country’s most trusted companies.

Ritenour’s humble beginning and rise into success inspire many people. The business leader began by encouraging his son, Heath Ritenour. Heath is the current CEO Insurance Office of Africa. His father, John Ritenour, taught and mentored him to adhere to winning entrepreneurial strategies from an early age. He had confidence that his son would one day become a great leader. In 2007, Heath joined the list of youngest CEOs across the U.S. To know more click: here.