Every person in the country has been working for some strategic policies that can help in ensuring that they have the necessary financial stability to address every financial need they have been experiencing. However, it does not always work like that. There are people who have been able to achieve financial stability, and they continue to accumulate much wealth. However, there are others who have been struggling to address their financial problems for very many years.

As James Gutierrez has been able to observe, in the United States, people who have sufficient financial capability have an opportunity to continue expanding their wealth. Most of the organizations, especially those operating in the financial sector, have been doing everything possible to help such individuals to accumulate huge amounts of money. Every rule and policy has been configured such that people who have financial stability do not experience any major issues when looking for more financial support.

A good example that has been discussed by most financial experts like James Gutierrez comes when it comes to applying for financial support. Most of the leading organizations in the country have been doing everything possible so that they can continue lending to people without huge amounts of money. Very little or no screening is done on such individuals to ascertain their financial capability and their ability to pay back such loans.

However, everything seems to become much more complicated when people with very low credit scores are looking to get some financial support and loans from the lending facilities. James Gutierrez indicates that most of them do not qualify for such loans due to the measures that such organizations have already incorporated. Those who qualify for such loans are required to pay huge interest, which means that they do not benefit from the loans on offer.