Isidoro Quiroga is one of the most successful businessmen in Chile. He is the chief executive officer (CEO) of a holding group called Asesorias e Inversiones Benjamin which he manages with his family and other business partners. The Chilean businessman has invested in numerous industries, including agriculture, energy, exporting, mining and salmon farming. 

He started his investment career in the 1970s. After finishing college at the University of Chile, Quiroga visited the United States and discovered kiwi fruit. When he returned to Chile, he imported the fruit for farming in Chilean fertile regions. The farming of kiwi fruit was his first successful entrepreneurial venture. 

After the success, Quiroga further invested in electricity and mining. Isidoro Quiroga has been the manager of renowned energy production and distribution companies in the region and beyond like Empresa Electrica Pilmaiquen and Soquimich. The businessman invested in Junior Investment Company and Andacollo Gold in the mining sector. 

His latest success was the sale of Emphase Energy, which develops and manufactures software-operated home energy solutions. He acquired the company in 2018 for $20 million, meaning he earned a profit of about $735 from the sale. Another transaction that demonstrated his business acumen was selling a salmon company, Australis Seafoods, for $91 million in 2009. 

His business shrewdness is also evident in his leadership. Quiroga took over the management of Australis Seafoods during the infectious salmon anemia virus and still drove it to success amid the company and region’s economic problems at that time. The company regained its position as one of the biggest salmon exporters in the world. His leadership also helped the company join the stock market, which further cemented its place as a salmon farming leader in the country and region. 

The businessman has also invested in the region’s mining industry through two portfolio companies, namely Andacollo Gold and Minera Fuego. Additionally, he is an investor in olive oil and wine processing in Argentina. He has invested in Europe in the past and currently targets technological companies in California’s Silicon Valley. His success inspires many people in his home country and the entire world.