Jack MasonCovid-19 is causing endless problems among businessmen and women, investors, and entrepreneurs across the world. Even employees are feeling the wrath of the novel coronavirus. In the UK, this year alone, many notable businesses have shut their doors, leaving hundreds even thousands of families with no option but to look for alternative ways of carrying on with their lives. According to Inc & Co CEO Jack Mason, the wrath of Covid-19 is evident as some of the seemingly invincible firms in the United Kingdom have fallen flat, leaving their employees with nothing to feed their families.

Jack Mason

The recent collapse of Morrisons, a supermarket chain that for many years has created employment for hundreds of people in the United Kingdom is just one of the many examples of firms and startups that have shrunk dues to natural disasters. After looking at what the pandemic has done to UK firms especially the retail sector, Inc & Co CEO Jack Mason agrees with many of his countrymen and women as well as investors that unless something is done, the sector will suffer even more blows. However, unlike most of his colleagues, Inc & Co CEO Jack Mason is of the idea that the fall of a handful of retail stores and other startups does not necessarily mean that all is lost. To Jack, the pandemic may have come as a problem but investors can learn valuable lessons from it.

“Live post Covid-19 is bright. We have to remain focused. The pandemic may have killed many people and it is going to kill even more. Those that will remain will have to learn to live with it. Covid-19 has taught us many things that the whole world can now speak and walk with masks. If that is the case, then even businesses have to change the way they handle things. From where I sit, it is high time that startups and businesses shifted all their operations online,” said Inc & Co CEO Jack Mason. In other words, Jack feels that it is time the world embraces e-commerce.