Laura Rea Dickey has been the successful driving force in Dickey’s barbecue restaurants for over a decade. She has changed the company’s old strategy, merging it with the new information technological advancements. Moreover, she has proved to be effective during the company’s challenging times. For instance, she has been objectively active during the economic ramifications and coronavirus pandemic maintaining the company’s trademark, evolve or fail. Dickey Barbecue restaurant is a top-rated corporate started in 1941 by a world war one maestro, Travis Dickey. It started in one location under one room managed by Travis Dickey and his wife, and later on, it underwent a profound transformation and spread its roots to different parts of the world.

From the pioneer of Dickey’s pit, T.d and Roland Sr. took charge of the family’s business. Due to Travis Dickey’s sense of quality work, popularity forced the sons to set up their brands in different states. In 2006, the responsibility then changed direction to Roland Dickey Jr. Dickey Jr. took over as Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant CEO. During his tenure in the company, Dickey Jr. maintained its vision scaling its portfolio to another level. Maintaining the company’s culture as a family affair, Dickey Jr. introduced her wife, a consultant.

Her business expertise proved to be an essential asset to the company helping technology, communications, and marketing in general. These fantastic business endeavors saw her climb to be Chief information officer at the company. In recent years, the Dickey family decided to change the managerial structure to corporate with Roland Jr as the Chief executive officer of the New Dickey Capital Group. Laura Rea headed the Dickey Barbecue Restaurant.

Background Information

Laura Rea Dickey has been named the company Chief Executive Officer. Laura Rea joined Dickey’s Barbecue in 2009 as a consultant. She joined the company mainly to help the company formalize technology, community marketing, communications, and marketing.

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