Dave Atrobus.Dave Antrobus is a passionate leader, mentor and influencer with a strong desire to empower young people to shape the future of the region and the world. Dave’s expertise in business development is evident by the fact that Fresh Thinking Group has acquired or is in the process of acquiring 2 profitable companies in the last six months. He combines this with his specialism in technical and strategic leadership.

Fresh Thinking Group capitalizes on the opportunities that exist within a fragmented, complex, constantly changing, and unpredictable economy, but with a team of highly trained individuals, dedicated to helping companies realize their potential. Dave Antrobus: When a company is not on track, the most important thing is getting a fresh pair of eyes on the business, and working together to identify what is working and what is not. This involves collaboration across the whole company, so it’s a challenge in itself, but it is important to be aware of the common weaknesses in any business.

Dave Antrobus says, “From my experience, I’ve learned that a company’s culture and target market has a far greater impact on the speed of building the right platform than the underlying technology itself. A company’s purpose and vision is a great lens to analyze any technology for us to work within.” It helps us to find the right partners who have a similar mind-set to us and understand the business in such a way that it fits seamlessly within Fresh Thinking Group’s existing business model.

Dave Antrobus previously worked at UNA Technology, a defense contractor, where he had a profound impact on how the firm optimized its information technology, and also wrote a proprietary monitoring software that has been widely used in the defense industry and aviation industry. Before UNA, Dave helped to establish Media Export and was the CIO of a publishing software company.

Fresh Thinking Group creator currently sits on the Board of Directors at Ashbury, a leading technology consultancy company, and is also a founding member of the Belong Group, which supports co-operative businesses, start-ups and early stage businesses to achieve their potential.

After successfully completing his undergraduate degree, Dave began working for Experian as a database administrator, a role that took him on a meteoric career trajectory. By the age of 27, Dave was running his own consultancy and had joined with Gavin Hansford, former MD of FTSE 100 company Groupe SCA as CIO.