Alexander Guizzetti is the president of 9d Ventures and a successful serial entrepreneur. Currently, Guizzetti is working on bringing a new business to life, This venture is a social media platform that connects individuals with influencers and celebrities. He hopes to begin his new venture later this year.

Guizzetti was born in Michigan and raised in the Milwaukee, WI area. He earned his degree from the University of Wisconsin in Madison with a focus in real estate, economics, and business management. He established the concept behind his first business venture in his last year of college. After a brief stint with The Vanguard Group, he passed the FINRA Series 7 and Series 63 exams. This allowed him to be prepared to follow his career goals.

In addition to his entrepreneurship and business ventures, Guizzetti practices in real estate and has an active license in Arizona. He believes his organizational skills, predominantly making lists, is a reason why he has found success. Lists help him stay organized with his projects. He always puts aside time to create the next day’s list and often does this as his last task of the day. This helps him stay organized for the next day. For projects, he creates different lists that include everything that needs to be completed and keeps the lists nearby until the project is complete. Guizzetti also writes notes down on his phone, not wanting an idea to go to waste because he did not have a pen and paper handy. He begins his day at 9 a.m. and only takes one quick break around dinnertime. His day is not complete until he finishes everything on his list, which is usually around 2 a.m.

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