Franci Neely is identified as both a volunteer and a philanthropist.

Neely started her career as a lawyer for a good period before shifting focus to philanthropy.

While serving as a lawyer, she partnered with Susman Godfrey L.L.P. Neely was majorly involved in business litigations.

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Franci handled several scandals during her two decades of serving as a lawyer.

In addition to that, she also led a team of negotiators in establishing business agreements.

The focus of Franci has been to work with non-profit organizations after retiring. One of the organizations is the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, where she serves as one of the board members.

She offers leadership as a co-chair at Film of Islamic Worlds and the museum’s Art of Islamic Worlds.

Apart from co-chairing the team, she is also part of the subcommittees of the mentioned teams.

The Baker Institute of Public Policy and Moody Center for the Arts is also privileged to have Franci Neely as part of their board member.

On the other hand, The Menil Foundation makes use of Franci to help settle for particular leadership decisions.

Neely’s wanderlust is so solid that she has been able to visit more than 180 countries.

Franci’s residence home in Houston did not deter her from making multiple visits globally.

Among the countries that have served as a host to Franci Neely include Cuba, Qatar, Morocco, Kuwait, and India. These are but a few of the countries that Neely visited.

Among the activities that Neely does best while walking around is photography.

She has captured the best moments of her life through these photographs.

She desires to see a country with a camera on hand. Franci’s best photos are of the pyramids in Egypt and the streets of India.

Franci Neely is a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind.

She is not afraid to tell others what she thinks about specific issues that are affecting society. One of the issues that Neely has spoken against is the need for people to read books.

Franci believes in books speaking to the human spirit’s triumph.

The books are also crucial in shaping the acts of kindness among people, enhancing smooth living.

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