Cloud-based field inventory software addresses growing customer demand for order fulfillment visibility, real-time product information, and streamlined order processing. DSI Corp., the most comprehensive end-to-end supply chain solutions provider in foodservice and hospitality, announced a new integration with Salesforce that leverages the field inventory functionality of DSI’s Cloud Inventory® Field Inventory software to optimize sales and service operations.

The new functionality is designed to provide visibility into product availability within restaurant locations while accelerating order fulfillment and improving accuracy. It also simplifies inventory reconciliation by automatically transferring data between Salesforce and Cloud Inventory every time an order is placed or modified.

Field Inventory Management is a cloud-based software solution for managing inventory in field operations such as delivery trucks, high-use, or remote locations, provides real-time visibility into the location of items within each facility. The DSI Salesforce integration enables seamless access to inventory data within each restaurant’s Salesforce instance. The solution delivers real-time inventory and service-level availability information to the sales team, enabling them to accurately fulfill orders and alert customers when items are not available.

“In today’s digital world, customers want real-time visibility into order status,” said Ken Dokshin, president and CEO of DSI. “We are thrilled to be working with Salesforce, a trusted leader in customer service and cloud-based field inventory software. The integration will enable our customers to take full advantage of the speed and accuracy benefits that Cloud Inventory® Field Inventory delivers.”

DSI is known for its innovative solutions to improve order fulfillment accuracy and service in the hospitality industry,” said Vijay Sekar, senior vice president of Customer Relationship Management at Salesforce. “We are excited that DSI has chosen to integrate its Cloud Inventory® Field Inventory software with Salesforce Service Cloud to provide both sales and delivery staff with real-time access to inventory information.”

The benefits of the new solution extend beyond faster order fulfillment to more efficient inventory management. By enabling the automatic transfer of key information from Cloud Inventory Field Inventory into Salesforce, businesses benefit from the opportunity to process orders more rapidly and have a higher level of accuracy than possible when managing data across multiple systems. Refer to this article for more information.


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