DFINITY USAFor decades, blockchain systems have been innovated based on the promise of what the technology could achieve. The technology has the capability of producing exciting improvements to the way economies around the world operate. Unfortunately, the systems in use today have not been able to make good on that promise. In fact, the many systems operating today create a fractured network. They are closed-source systems that are generally costly to adopt, have slow operational speeds and have rudimentary features and capabilities.

DFINITY USA was established in 2016 with the goal of changing things. Its collective of engineers, programmers and other talented professionals believe that an amazing system that is adopted by all will bring the promise of blockchain to life. This vision, which is often referred to as blockchain singularity, is the guiding light that has led to the creation of the Internet Computer. The Internet Computer is functionally and fundamentally different than the dozens of other systems operating worldwide today.

How does the Internet Computer stand at a higher level? A look at its innovative differences begins with the Mokoto language. DFINITY USA’s engineers developed this language specifically with functionality with blockchain and smart contracts in mind. Mokoto’s unique design supports functions such as asynchronous messaging. It also allows memory communications to be dispatched and permits orthogonal persistence.

Encryption in the Internet Computer uses Chain Key tech, and this supports smart device integration with watches, phones and more. The Internet Computer also uses a Network Nervous System, which specifically offers two critical benefits. This system allows liquid democracy to be established, and it helps developers to expedite the execution of updates. One of the Internet Computer’s many other traits is faster Bitcoin transactions, which are enabled by the Mokoto language’s functionality with smart contracts.

DFINITY USAOver the years, DFINITY USA has made tremendous progress on the Internet Computer, and it has gained recognition and support from many people. Its supporters range from programmers and investors to node providers, cryptocurrency activists and other groups.