Millions of students around the world can access ClassDojo. It is a great platform where students, teachers, and parents can connect. ClassDojo began with making it possible for teachers to update parents with what is going on in the classroom. It also gives students the ability to share and play educational games. Classdojo is expanding its services by collaborating with United States Olympians and Paralympians. Paralympians and Olympians will be participating in a new learning series on ClassDojo. The new series on ClassDojo will allow Paralympians and Olympians to share stories about how they overcame obstacles to achieve their goals.

The goal of the program is to help children to build skills that they can use throughout life. For example, Olympian diver Boudia knows how important it is to focus on what you are doing when preparing to dive. He will explain to children how important it is to remain focused on any goal and avoid distractions. Paralympian Sophia Herzog will be an example of diversity for students. Herzog will discuss the strengths and benefits of being different from everyone else.

There will be several other Paralympians and Olympians who will participate in the series to teach different skills. The series will allow students to interact with positive role models. It will also help students that may be dealing with self-esteem issues build confidence. Paralympians and Olympians are relatable to students. Paralympians and Olympians show that if a person is determined to do something and works hard, they can achieve their goals.