DFINITYDfinity USA, the brainchild of Dominic Williams, could change the way the internet works for good. Williams founded the company in 2016 with a plan to overhaul the power structure of the online world. He started Dfinity USA with the idea that the power of the internet could be spread across tens or hundreds of thousands of nodes all over the world instead of just a few centralized server farms in a couple of locations.

Why Williams Founded Dfinity USA

Williams did not like the structure of the internet. He felt that centralized server farms concentrated too much power in the hands of too few individuals. He also believed that the internet’s structure rewarded proprietary tools and languages and punished open-source options. His goal is to get rid of the structure that has existed until now and open up the internet so that the people who use it are also people who build it.

What Dfinity USA Does

Dfinity created the Internet Computer. The Internet Computer is a network of servers that shares AI and algorithms for processing data and making objective decisions. The first intended use of the Internet Computer was the processing of cryptocurrency transactions. Williams quickly realized that it could do a lot more, so he invited more people to join him. He also established several streams of funding for the project.

How Dfinity Is Funded

Dfinity FoundationIn 2017, Williams had an ICO. The next year, he did a big airdrop of tokens. These two actions yielded a combined $225 million in funds. He formed a nonprofit and split the funds across its two divisions. The Beacon portion provides workshops and funding for training on coding. The other side of the nonprofit provides funding for specific projects and for students and educators.

What the Internet Computer Does and What it Might Do Soon

Already, the Internet Computer has apps that allow it to authenticate pricey goods that are rare. It has an app that allows people to enjoy more privacy when conversing online. Another app that should launch soon allows users to enjoy more control over what they upload.