The medical industry has undergone a lot of transformation in the last few years. One of the people who have brought significant changes to the sector is Chad Price. His passion for transforming the healthcare industry came from the disappointment he experienced when he took his sister for treatment. One of his biggest concerns was the time it took to get medical results after laboratory tests. That brought the idea to start a medical laboratory that would offer better services.

When starting the medical facility, Price’s primary goal was to offer better services than other healthcare facilities. Therefore, he used a different approach to enable the facility to stand out from others offering similar services. Today, Mako Medical is one of the most reputable laboratories in the United States.

According to, like other start-ups, Mako Medical also faced different challenges in the first few years of operation. However, Chad was determined to help the community get better healthcare services. Therefore, he kept encouraging his employees to continue giving their best regardless of the challenges they faced.

Price finally got sufficient funds to invest in modern equipment that offers laboratory results faster to many patients in a day. That has enabled Mako Medical to provide similar or better results than hospitals that have been in the industry for years.

Chad is happy with what he has achieved because his desire has always been to assist the community. He also hopes to continue offering quality services and investing in better equipment and experienced professionals to make Mako Medical the best healthcare facility.