Brandon Taubman has used his experience in data science and analytics to form his real estate firm Stablewood Properties. His love for math culminated in receiving an education at Cornell University in applied economics management. His data analytical skills even helped him secure a position with the Houston Astros. Brandon Taubman has also worked for some banks like Ernst & Young. Taubman recently answered some questions about bridging data science into the commercial real estate field and information about his firm Stablewood Properties. What makes his firm different is in how they use data and technology to make sound investments.  Get connected with Brandon Taubman on Crunchbase

In fact, the individual confirms the team is led by real estate veterans and data scientists. The businessman is excited to see what can be done in the future with the increase of data analytics in the real estate field. He grew interested in data science because he wanted to become a better investor. Simply put, Taubman believes data science can help people make informed decisions. He also states data is important because it can help people predict the future. Brandon Taubman recounts the importance of data science during his time with the Houston Astros MLB franchise. The group used data science in all aspects when it came to scouting, player development, general baseball functions, and research and development.

The businessman argues data science can help outline players’ careers. Brandon Taubman says he worked his way up in the organization from being an analyst to transitioning to an assistant general manager. Analytics rose through the organization despite some believing it would not yield results but it turned out to become a huge asset in the near future. The real estate professional is excited to see where data science can go in the future. He believes more and more institutions and participants should be making great use of it.