Bhanu Choudhrie is the founder and CEO of C&C Alpha Group, a company that assists new and existing businesses in achieving their business objectives. Bhanu has enabled the business to become profitable under his leadership, with investments spread all over the Philippines and India. Choudhrie is also a well-known entrepreneur and heads executive positions on different boards.

In the United States, he is a board member of the Executive and Risk Committee of Customers Bancorp. Bhanu also served as a board member for Atlantic Coast Financial Company. During Bhanu’s work career, he has served in committees like Executive Capital, Audit, Compensation, and Nomination Committees.

Bhanu Choudhrie is the son of a famous businessman called Sudhir Choudhrie. Together with his family, they have immersed much wealth internationally in different sectors like banking, healthcare, utilities, real estate, hospitality, tourism, and aviation. Bhanu graduated from the University of Boston, where he got a bachelor’s degree in International Marketing and Business. After his university education, Bhanu applied for an Owner Management Program at the Harvard Business School.

Bhanu has participated in different philanthropic activities, and together with his family. Together they have supported children’s education, taken part in supporting children and adults facing long-term illnesses, and supported the less fortunate in society.

Throughout Choudhrie’s work career, he received numerous awards. In 2008 he was awarded the United Kingdom Asia Voice Public and Political Life Award. Bhanu also received the Award of Entrepreneur of the Year.

Currently, Bhanu Choudhrie holds the position of Director of Megalith Financial Acquisition corporation. He is Alpha Aviation Group’s founder and Director at Path to Success. Bhanu Choudhrie offers advice for potential and existing entrepreneurs to form long-term partnerships, have fewer worries about the things they need to be conversant with, continuously educate themselves and take some time before decision-making about investments.

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