Once you succeed financially, you should always give back to the community. Philanthropy is among the right ways to support the community, specifically the poor kids and even help the young adults chart a successful career path. Bhanu Choudhrie has organized several humanitarian efforts that help even disabled children to realize their dreams.

Bhanu Choudhrie believes that Hindu principles reaffirm giving because goodness is reciprocated. Therefore, as a kid, Bhanu Choudhrie visited the handicapped, the blind, and even the schools with orphans. Bhanu Choudhrie retaliates that it all entails minding about other people and cherish their possessions.

A kid may lack opportunities, poor, or even disabled, and in many developing countries, the situation is regularly assumed. These kids may be denied education, and so their future might be doomed. For example, in a troubled family where parents cannot enroll their children in an education system, they might never attend school.

Also, young children are forced to work and bring home their earnings to help the family members who are struggling to survive. For kids with mental and physical disabilities, this condition becomes worse. However, in the developed countries, these disadvantages turn out to be advantaged because they are taken through schools to get quality education.

Bhanu claims that if you can visit the US or UK public school, you will spot some unruly kids who are not interested in education. They dislike school or even attend school because their parents force them as they lack enthusiasm. These kids should be ashamed if they realize what a great opportunity, they have over others who dream to join school but cannot because of the limitations placed.

Some children perceive school to be a holiday opportunity that being out there working under unfriendly conditions. They love school life since they can interact with friends, play sports, and learn a lot of things, and their endless curiosity will lead them to success. To know more click: here.