Carl DaikelerFor people who are serious about getting in shape, but have little time to go to the gym or plan out healthy meals, Beachbody offers an exciting solution.

About Beachbody and Carl Daieler

Beachbody is a fitness and weight loss program that offers a unique combination of workouts, meal plans and support to help people achieve their ideal weight. The program allows members to customize their workout plans and diets to meet their individual goals.

The company was founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler as a way to help himself with his own health issues. Carl Daikeler rose to fame as an infomercial entrepreneur and also developed the successful P90X and Insanity workouts. The company began by advertising DVDs in infomercials but has since moved on to an online platform.

Members are encouraged to become coaches and can make money by helping others achieve their fitness goals. As a coach, members will help friends, family and others they know to find a fitness program that works for them. They offer support and advice as new members get involved in the program.

What The Program Offers

The program offers over 1,500 on-demand videos with a variety of workouts for all skill levels. Members can choose the types and lengths of workouts they enjoy they prefer.

When members choose a program, they’ll also have access to a meal plan that’s designed to complement their workout and help them lose weight.



For members who may not have the time to prepare the healthy meals required to get in shape, the Shakeology program allows them to get their superfoods in a convenient shake. Shake mixes can be ordered online and come in a variety of flavors like Cafe Latte and Tropical Strawberry.

Shakes help with energy by giving you a protein boost and added fiber helps you feel full and prevent snack cravings.

Get the Body You Always Wanted

Daikeler’s program has helped many people reach their fitness goals in record time. It’s easy to choose a plan and follow it for the recommended days. For members who are willing to put in the work, they can see satisfying results.