Alejandro Betancourt is an experienced Venezuelan investor who is passionate about growing and developing companies. Betancourt recognizes the potential opportunities created by the rapid advancement of technology. Inspired by the extraordinary rise of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, he employed social media to rapidly grow the sunglasses brand, Hawkers.

Alejandro Betancourt quickly recognized the potential of social media and influencers. Using Facebook Ads, he was able to cultivate an audience of over 6 million followers on Facebook. On Instagram, Hawkers connects with social media influencers, who promote the brand in exchange for discounts, free products, or commissions.

The hashtags #hawkers and #hawkersco have been mentioned over 630,000 times. Hawkers also produces coveted limited-edition lines and provides free products to college ambassadors and professionals in the photography industry to create hype around the brand.

Hawkers was the brainchild of a group of Spanish friends who were initially inspired by Knockarounds, a US-based brand. With an initial investment of $45, they began to sell Knockarounds products in Spain. After some success, the friends became the brand’s official Spanish distributor.

Eventually, the group decided to manufacture their own line of sunglasses, which became Hawkers. Although popular, the company was financially on shaky ground. Alejandro Betancourt, hearing about the brand, wanted to get involved. In 2016, was instrumental in raising 56 million dollars for the company and became Hawker’s president.

Today, Hawkers reports annual profits of 70 million euros, 90% of which the company credits to social media. Alejandro Betancourt credits this success to his team, noting that success is never an individual endeavor.

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