Founder of Auto Travel and O’Hara Administration among other major ventures, Alejandro Betancourt is known globally for his successes in helping companies thrive. He is especially well-known for taking business ideas and utilizing his unique vision and leadership capabilities to help those businesses achieve rapid growth and financial success. Alejandro Betancourt is a Venezuelan businessman that has worked with a variety of companies in Latin America and beyond. He is a graduate of the prestigious Suffolk University in Massachusetts, USA where he received degrees in economics and business management. He was named as the Director of Trade for Latin America and Executive Trader. One of his major specialties is within the energy sector, including oil and gas. He provides analysis support and offers key investment opportunities to key plays in the energy sector.

Among the many businesses that he has had a hand in helping their success is Auro Travel. Alejandro Betancourt became interested in the world of ride-sharing applications after seeing the success of companies like Uber and Lyft in the early 2000s. He took the personal transportation industry a step further by embracing a disruptive strategy that would garner market share for Spain-based Auro Travel. The company took off after Alejandro Betancourt began playing a key role in the company’s top-level personnel development and core operations. Auro Travel is now in charge of operating the largest fleet of private transportation vehicles in Spain and coordinates the activities of thousands of drivers.

His business success can also be seen in the rapid growth of the sunglass enterprise Hawkers. Even with no fashion or retail experience, Alejandro Betancourt came in and saw the potential to help the company thrive under his leadership. He built relationships with stars like hip-hop artist Usher, professional athletes, and major brands like Mercedes-Benz that were seen highlighting or wearing the sunglasses.

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