The Linkedin page for Healthkeeperz City includes both background information and several posts from the company concerning sound advice and inspirational quotes. The background information includes such facts as the size of the company and the different services that Healthkeeperz City provides in the field of healthcare. The different posts from Healthkeeperz City focus more on the steps that people can take to improve one’s own health and the health of those around them. Many of these positive suggestions include links to different websites that have articles which expand on and better explain these positive health steps.

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The background of the Linkedin page is the same recognizable white background as those see on other pages for Linkedin. The background near the top of the page also includes a link to visit the pages of the various workers of Healthkeeperz City to learn more about them. The top of the page also includes information on how many people actively follow the Linkedin page for Healthkeeperz City as well as the city and state that the company is currently headquartered in. All this information is easily accessible and available to anyone who might want to confirm it.