Eterneva is the most innovative company in the world today when it comes to cremation diamonds. They have invented a process called “ceramic fusion” which allows for unique, creative designs that really bring out the shine in the diamond. They use the Erdez Diamond simulator to duplicate the diamond’s sparkle, hardness, color, and texture. They are literally breathtaking. The Eterneva Diamond Simulant is a non-nictitating process that produces the brightness and sparkle of a real diamond with a unique, realistic design.

The Diamond Simulant produces a four-carat diamond in less than three months. The diamond cutting team at Eterneva has created a machine that can cut any shape imaginable. This is done by applying a specific combination of carbon powder and diamond powder through a high-speed cutter to precisely achieve the results needed. They make it very easy to obtain the spectacular look so many people desire. The machine cuts the diamond into approximately one thousand seven hundredths of an inch.

It’s important to know how a memorial diamond works so you can be sure that your loved one receives the most beautiful and unique present possible. By understanding how cremation works, you’ll also know how they help to ensure that they are given the most beautiful, natural-looking gem they can have. The cremation process gives a family the chance to celebrate their loved one’s life while also resting knowing that their beloved has gone to a better place. With this process, every step of the process is made easier so that your loved one can rest in peace.

While it’s still early to assess the full impact of their stellar marketing campaign on the overall return on investment earned through social media platforms, they are already capturing the attention of the people the marketing is aimed at and other established brands in the market. On top of this, they’ve also taken the time to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into their service, resulting in high-quality results so you can truly say that the “Cremation Diamonds” they will be providing are cutting edge and will stand out among the competition.

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