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With a drought in California resulting in the agriculture industry using up a lot of drinking water in the state and farms posing greater risk to their surrounding environments because of increased use of GMOs and pesticides, many people believe that it is time to rethink traditional farming methods. On Tuesday, April 21, AeroFarms announced that it will be opening the largest vertical farm ever in Newark, New Jersey in an old, existing 69,000-square-foot abandoned steel factory on three acres in the Ironbound neighborhood.

A vertical farm consists of stacked farming plots or planters in a vertical building scenario rather than a horizontal scenario. AeroFarms estimates that this NJ vertical farm will be 75 times more productive to traditional open field farms based on the square footage. It will produce only pesticide-free produce — approximately 2 million pounds per year — while utilizing stacked modular planters, LED lights, nutrient-filled aeroponic mists and plants grown without soil in reusable microfleece cloths. Newlin says that the planters also produce zero toxic runoff and use an estimated 95 percent less water.

It will be also the first step in creating a community and business focused Maker’s Village in the Newark area. The vertical farm will also add 100 jobs to the area.

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