Understanding Russian Entrepreneur Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei Beltyukov founded Endemic Capital in 2013 with a sole aim of targeting startup companies in Russia. He is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist who is highly committed in supporting other Russians looking for ways to venture into business or those interested in attending business school. Alexei established a financial company called A-Ventures Ltd to help Russian companies that are struggling financially with funds to inject in their operations. As an alumni of INSEAD, he was in the front line to establish a scholarship program to provide financial support to Russian students admitted at INSEAD University.

Alexei has been working with the Russian administration to provide viable economic leadership and support through Skolkovo Foundation, where he serves as the Vice President. This foundation offer grants and investment opportunities to start-up companies in Russia specializing in IT. In addition, the foundation supports entrepreneurs wanting to expand their entities across Russia.

Alexei Beltyukov began his career in the medical industry, but he later switched gears and decided to pursue business studies. He attended INSEAD Business School where he earned his MBA. Currently, he is an observer at FORO Energy’s Board of Directors. Early 2014, Alexei launched SOLVY, an online system that provides high school students and teachers to interact with each other even when they are at their respective homes. The system allows teachers to check the progress of their classes and also learn where more emphasis should be given.

Due to his commitment in education, his About.me bio shows that Alexei came up with SOLVY.com as a way of broadening the aspects of learning in high school, especially in solving mathematical problems. The system doesn’t have multiple choice problems, but instead, students are supposed to solve the problems and show how they arrived at their answers. It is an encouragement to students because when they make mistakes they learn from them by expanding their mindset. The objective of SOLVY.com is to be recognized as a catalyst of solving math problem according to Alexei.

When SOLVY.com was being launched, educators and EdTech experts commended this technology because they know it will bring positive change in the education sector. It was named as one of the most promising start-ups in recent years. Beltyukov serves as the Chief Operating Officer of SOLVY, and he believes high school students will benefit a lot from this technology. His entrepreneur skills have enabled him to achieve great success in his career life.

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