Understanding OrganoGold

OrganoGold is a worldwide network-marketing corporation with the sole mission of spreading knowledge of Ganoderma across entire world. The company began in September 2008, in Richmond, Canada. Organo Gold is a brainchild of Bernado Chua, a graduate of University of the East Manila and a successful entrepreneur.

The company was founded with a vision to help humanity improve their lives by scaling new levels of wellbeing, wealth, and stability through the opportunity and products. This vision was inspired by Chua’s ambition to introduce the ancient Chinese herb called Ganoderma Lucidum to the other regions of the world. The herb has been in use in China for over 4000 years and bears the potential of curing a wide spectrum of diseases.

To begin with, coffee is the most popular beverage in the world today, apart from water,. It is the second most traded product around the globe after oil. However, people are often worried about the impacts of the caffeine on their health. Organo Gold comes in as a solution to these health concerns. It is a special type of coffee with myriad of health benefits.

The term Organo is derived from the fact that this type of coffee is infused with 100% Organic Ganoderma. Ganoderma Lucidum is an herbal extract of the Reishi Mushroom. Popularly referred to as the ‘King of Herbs’, it is packed with potent antioxidants and offers numerous health benefits.

Ganoderma bears the potential to alkalize and oxygenate the body to create the basis for a lifetime of stable health, removing the foundation for osteoporosis, adult-onset diabetes, cardiovascular complications, arthritis, and other degenerative illnesses including cancer.

The herb is integral in adjusting the body pH to a healthy stability at the cellular level. In oxygenating the body, it helps with weight loss. This is because oxygen is one of the essential components for burning fuel and the more the body is oxygenated, the higher the metabolism.Hence, weight loss.

Research studies have confirmed that Ganoderma has cholesterol-reducing properties and it can ease allergy-related inflammations of the airway. It has often been utilized as immune stimulant on HIV infected individuals and cancer patients.

Other health benefits drawn from Organo Gold include:

• Stress relief
• Mental alertness
• Natural detoxification
• Enhanced body healing capacity
• Improves quality of sleep
• Improves skin texture
• Boosts sexual function

Since its inception, Organo Gold company has grown to inspire and benefit millions of people across the world – health wise and economically.

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