Two Ways to Continue Eating What You Love While Remaining Healthy

Many people assume that if they want to be healthy or if they want to drop excess weight, they have to stop eating what they love. This simply is not true. It definitely helps to cut some super bad foods from your diet, but nothing has to stay gone forever. The following are two of the top ways that you can continue eating what you want while remaining healthy.


Don’t ditch those packaged foods so fast


First of all, most packaged foods are definitely not good for you. This is true. When you read the ingredients list on a packaged food, you’re going to see some words that you are unable to pronounce, and you’re also going to see a huge list of ingredients for a food that is only supposed to contain one or two basic ingredients.


A great example is potato chips. You would think that the ingredients list on a bag of potato chips would be potatoes and maybe some type of oil. But take a look at a bag of potato chips the next time you have one lying around and you’ll see that there is a huge list of ingredients. What are all those foods? Well, some of them aren’t as bad as you think. Potato chips are relatively okay for you if you eat them in moderation, and that’s the key here. Eat packaged foods in moderation. Even peanut butter and some granola bars can be good for you, and those are packaged.


Items with a lot of protein are always a great choice.


If you can get more protein into the foods that you love, this is a great way to convert them to the healthy side. For example, if you make your favorites peanut butter chocolate chip cookies with just a few tablespoons of peanut butter, try upping this amount to improve the levels of protein in your cookies. Protein is also great when it comes with about half the fat. Protein and fat will make you healthy and strong, so looking for extra protein in your foods that have fat in them is a good idea.


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