The Top Small Things You Can Do to Eat Healthier

Boring dishes full of vegetables and vegetables only are healthy but no fun at all. Likewise, you shouldn’t have to work five hours each day to make healthy meals for yourself and your family. Making slight changes in your diet and improving your nutrition in small ways can improve your eating habits overall and positively affect your health. Try using the following tips and tricks to improve your health and the health of your family members.


Forget the tortillas and choose lettuce to make wraps instead.


Lettuce makes a great wrap, and it will cut the carbs, sugars and calories when you use it instead of flour tortillas. Lettuce wraps taste great with some shredded chicken or deli meat and some vegetables. Who needs a flour tortilla?


Go for mashed avocado instead of mayonnaise


In sandwiches and wraps and on burgers, mayonnaise is absolutely necessary, but you don’t have to waste all of those calories and fat grams when you use avocado instead. With mashed avocado, you get the same creamy taste of mayonnaise with much better nutrition.


Look for products with ingredients that you can actually understand.


This is an easy one. When you read the nutrition labels on the foods that you eat, look for the section where ingredients are listed. First of all, you’ll be surprised to see that there are often way more ingredients than you would ever think in a single food. To help you choose the right foods when you’re grocery shopping, look for foods have ingredients that you can actually understand and pronounce. Complicated chemicals are never good for your body.


When in doubt, go with lots of protein.


If you’re not sure what eat, you can’t go wrong with protein. For example, a serving of lean chicken or fish always goes great with a side of vegetables. This is a well balanced meal that will do your body good.


Eating healthy can be a challenge in this fast-paced world, but by doing small things, you can improve your overall health and the health of your family members without breaking the bank or spending hours chopping and slaving away in the kitchen.


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