Tony Bourdain Thinks Americans Are About To Love Filipino Food

Anthony Bourdain burst onto the culinary scene in the United States over a decade ago. His first book, Kitchen Confidential, was all about his life as a cook in some of the best restaurants in the country. Since then, Bourdain has become a culinary icon for many. People know him from his many numerous appearances on television where his wry humor adds a sense of fun to any show. They also know him from his travel shows. Here, he takes viewers all over to world to regions they might not have heard about before. As a food expert and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, he has his hands on the pulse of the world food scene. With millions of followers, he can provide insights that are often startling and yet quite accurate about what Americans are thinking about when it comes to what’s on their plate.


The Next Big Thing


In his opinion, the next big thing in food for Americans is Filipino food. The Philippines are a series of islands in Asia. Here, culinary influences include Spanish, French, indigenous cuisines and American immigration. The net result is a wide mixture of flavors that are a hallmark of the dishes of this area. Bourdain believes that Americans are ready for this cuisine right now. In his opinion, the American thought about flavor profiles have shifted in the past. While many Americans still love food with a lot of sweetness to it, they are also open to other possibilities such as foods with more of a sour overtone. As he points out, many Filipino dishes rely on sour elements to create food that is complex and interesting


Many Restaurants on the Scene


Bourdain has looked closely at the eating scene in American. He knows what Americans like because he’s constantly on the road traveling to new places. He thinks Filipino food will become trendy as evinced by the opening of several recent Filipino restaurants.


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