The Tree of Life, a Kabbalah and Universal Spiritual Element

Thousands of years before written history, lost in the mists of time, humankind developed a mystical relationship with trees.

The echoes of spiritual connection with trees continue to ripple down to our modern day, and does so across all cultures.


  • The word “truth” can be traced back 4,000 years to an ancient Proto-Indo-European word for “tree.” That word was dowr. Scholars say dowr is the source of the word Druid, and the Druids held the oak tree to be sacred.
  • The Buddha achieved Enlightenment while sitting under a tree.
  • Legend has it that the great Isaac Newton received an epiphany after an apple fell on his head – while he was sitting under a tree. Suddenly, he had what he needed to develop the first modern theory of gravity, which changed the world.
  • And where is the most is one of the most common places to find a special gift today? Of course, you find it under a tree – a Christmas tree!

These examples represent just a few of hundreds that could be described showing that “truth,” “tree” and “gift” are all deeply connected concepts with a singular origin that remains connected.

The central mystical symbol of Kabbalah is also a tree – it’s the Tree of Life, called the 10 Sephirot.

The 10 Sephirot is a diagrammatic representation made of three columns or pillars. Conceptionally, the 10 Sephirot represents a series of divine emanations that flow out from the Creator. Kabbalists say it’s basically a map of Creation itself.

The “10” in refers to 10 spiritual principles, and scholars say they also can be considered 10 “archetypal ideas.” Taken together these principles make up the blueprint of what it means to be a human being. Each is an integral component of who and what we are. Kabbalist say that the Tree of Life reflects what is happening inside our true selves.

So by now you may be eager to find out more about what these 10 spiritual principles are, how you can learn more about them. and integrate them into your own life. Well, the Kabbalah Centre is an excellent place to start your search and began your teaching.

For more information, visit the Kabbalah Centre website or one of the 40 Kabbalah Centre locations around the world. Seek and you will find – and don’t be surprised if you find a great gift under a tree!

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