Eric Lefkofsky might be at the top of his field but he was not always the big hot shot you see before you. So how was he able to become the founder & CEO of his own company? It is the Tempus pharmaceutical firm. Well, it all began back in the late 60’s when he was first born to a jewish family in Detroit. Eric Lefkofsky did well in his classes too & that’s how he earned the role of valedictorian. 


When he was done with high school, he had offers from some of the best colleges in the world but turned them all down to enroll at UM. This is when he first discovered his affinity for the world of business & opted to major in it. After graduating, he stayed on campus to enroll in their law school & received his JD as part of the class of 94 (LATimes). 


After closing the door on his academic career, Eric Lefkofsky went on to start a clothing business with a buddy of his but this did not last that long. After a lot of different roles, he went on to create Tempus, a business devoted to finding a cure for cancer once and for all. Eric Lefkofsky started out with just a few hundred people but has since been able to grow his staff to more than a thousand. He recently raised more than $600 million to help fund their efforts which now brings their grand total up to more than $6 billion. Eric Lefkofsky now resides in the greater Chicago area.