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The Early Music Career of Cassio Audi

You may or may not be familiar with Cassio Audi but he was a great music performing. Audi performed in the rock and pop genres from the 1980’s to the 1990’s. He had produced two major albums during the time between the 80’s and 90’s. These albums were produced while he was in a group named Viper. When this group came together in Audi’s early music career, he began to take off as an artist, specifically a drummer. Through his early years, Audi mostly focused on becoming the best drummer he could.

This didn’t really change a whole lot throughout his career, as he continued to be a drummer, he was definitely known for his expert drumming skills.The main country where Audi began to take off was in Brazil. This was the country where he gained most of his traction which later led to worldwide tours and many high paying performances. Audi and the rest of the band traveled all across Europe and the American continents. He continued to produce songs for the band and this led to the launch of their first album in 1987, Soldiers of Sunset.


This album specifically became a very large success and sparked the world tours and large shows, where the band gained the majority of their early fame.The band became very known around the world in a very short time. Then in 1989, they launched their next album named Theater of Fate. This was a great addition to the time’s style of music and gained the band even traction and fame than ever before. To wrap things up, the early music career of Cassio Audi was quite an exciting time, leaving many people astounded by such a great band. When you dream big like him and the band, you’ll achieve greatness.