Starbucks Will Soon Have Competition For Their Frappucinos

Is it possible to have gourmet coffee in a can at an affordable price, Todd Carmichael seems to think so. He has come up with a very creative coffee that is distributed through a keg system. Carmichael has been experimenting with coffee brewing, packing, and dispensing methods. He is going to be releasing his gourmet, sugar-free coffee blend, La Colombe, is cans for sale at a mere $2 each. The product will begin being sold exclusively in Philadelphia before expanding to the rest of the country in certain grocery stores. According to Shaygan Kheradpir, eventually Carmichael would like to see his coffee sold everywhere and anywhere, he has big dreams. La Colombe’s major challenge will be taking on coffee giant Starbucks. Their famous bottle frappucino is typically the go-to refrigerated coffee drink sold outside of Starbucks stores. A little healthy competition is good to keep Starbucks from becoming a monopoly plus La Colombe is not taking on their stores, just their grocery sales.

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