Specific Aspects of the Kabbalah Tradition

There is a rich history when it comes to the Kabbalah teachings. One interesting thing about Kabbalah teachings is that it is based on the Zohar which was originally written like a commentary on the Bible. Rav Shimon Bar Yochai was the original author of Zohar. He had his disciple Rav Abba write down the information as he presented it to him. Rav Shimon has spent 13 years in a cave with his son around that time. This is where he has meditated, prayed and eventually discovered some of the deepest secrets of creation. His friends also helped with this discovery.

The original language of the majority of the Zohar was Aramaic. This is how it was shared throughout much of the history of teachings. Also, the sharing of this wisdom was limited only to devout students over the age of 40. Therefore, people needed to achieve some sort of status before they can access this wisdom. This is not unlike the Bible which has also gone through a phase of restriction before it has become readily available to people. In 1922, things would change, and the teachings of the Zohar would become more available to people because of the realization that the restriction of wisdom is purely because of preference as opposed to universal law.

The Kabbalah Centre was founded as a result of this realization. This facility would eventually grow and build more physical locations throughout the world so that people of different cultures would be able to learn more about the teachings that were passed down throughout generations. One of the promises of The Kabbalah Centre is a deeper connection with God and an ever expanding knowledge of the reality that contains them. There are plenty of classes and programs that are designed to enlighten students who get involved.

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