Softbank Acquires Fortress Investment Management

Japan’s Softbank just announced an additional acquisition meant to expand its business strategy as well as its investment portfolio. In a press statement, the management stated that it would part with $3.3 billion in a bid to acquire the famous Fortress Investment Group. As a leading asset manager as well as an investor, Fortress Investment Group has significant stakeholders in different institutions including Lyft, Jawbone, Xapo, and ZestFinance.


Background Data

Reports indicate that this is the agreement between Softbank and Fortress. Also, recently, Softbank made a $100 billion commitment to partner with Vision Fund and started a project that will be led by Rajeev Misra, Fortress’ former employee. Regarding this new project, new reports indicate that this is a new chapter not only for Softbank but also for Fortress Investment Group. Because the company will soon have new leadership, it means that things will change for Fortress Investment Group.



Still, on the new acquisition, the chief executive officer of Softbank, Mr. Masayoshi Son addressed the issue of governance. He said that the business would be run independently. Even so, some of Fortress Investment Group executive leaders would be tagged along. This is in light of maintaining the service delivery scope by ensuring that the changes incorporated are either better or the same as the initial services, and


Benefits of Acquisition

Simultaneously, for Softbank, this is an opportunity to expand its service group capabilities by offering new employment opportunities through the Vision Fund platform. Of course, the new acceleration will transform the manner in which the firm is managed, and what Fortress Investment Group knows.


Company Profile

Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998. Over the years, the private equity firm has dynamically become a highly diversified universal investment manager. Consequently, the firm has managed to specialize in asset management with the aim of bringing into the market significant experience bordering several asset types. What is more, Fortress’s experiences include extensive expertise including pricing, owning as well as financing and managing physical assets. Other assets include real estate and secured assets.


Working at Fortress

From time to time, the investment group advertises several employment opportunities. As an equal employer, Fortress Investment Group works with its affiliates and associates to offer qualified candidates the chance to pursue their careers. This is regardless of age, gender, citizenship, disability or nationality among others. On the working conditions, most employees have admitted to working with lovable people who are not only supportive of each other but also committed to making sure that clients receive some of the world’s competent financial services.



It looks like the Fortress’s new home will offer clients a better opportunity to expand their investment portfolios. This is in light of Softbank’s capitalization on global technology. Coupled with the need to maintain excellent leadership, Softbank will ensure that clients are not disappointed by the new management. For Fortress Investment Group, the new administration has a lot to offer especially when it comes to asset management. Governed by the need to provide unmatched services, this firm will continue to thrive under its new umbrella of management, and read full article.

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